Specialty Training

Specialty Training

Not only can we teach your dog to be a well-mannered pooch, we can also teach them to go above and beyond! We offer special training programs for personal protection, therapy dog and handicap assistance training. While we think all dogs are great, not all dogs are capable of performing these tasks, we can evaluate your dog to determine if your dog has what it takes!
Obedience Training

Obedience Training

All dogs have their own unique personality, that's why we love them so much! We offer many different training programs to suit your individual dog's needs. We offer puppy training programs, private lessons, and a variety of different board and train programs including behavior modification. We also offer different programs for specialty training such as handicap assistance, therapy dog, and personal protection training.
Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification programs are for the dogs that have severe issues such as any type of aggression, severe anxiety, or shyness. The severity of the issue and the program needed will be determined by your trainer during the evaluation. All behavior modifications include the following commands: LET`S GO, KENNEL UP, HEEL, AUTO-SIT, STAY, DOWN, CALM ON COMMAND, COME, and PLACE. The dog will stay at the training facility until the issue are resolved.
Puppy Training

Puppy Training

PICK OF THE LITTER! Are you planning on purchasing a puppy or rescuing one from a shelter? If so, contact us, and we can evaluate the litter to determine which puppy is right for you.

Grooming Available!

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Bath includes: clean nails, ears, face, anal gland, shampooing, conditioning, blow drying and brush out.

Face, Feet and Fanny includes: Bath plus trim face, feet and fanny.

Full Groom includes: Bath plus trim everywhere.

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